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Shelf Fencing and Dividers

Gondola Shelf Fencing Freestanding Wire Binning System front Fences and Dividers allows flexibility in merchandising lighter products.  The fences have welded on “feet” for attachment to shelf perforations. Fronts and dividers may be used independent of one another.

Gondola Shelf Fencing

Are designed to securely clip into the front Available for Madix, Lozier and Streater Gondola Shelving in heights of 3" High and 6" High. Widths available for all of the 3' wide, 4' wide, 30' wide and 24" wide upper and base shelves.

Gondola Shelf Dividers

Primary function is to divide a upper shelf or base shelf into sections or bins for the display or merchandising of small parts or hardware. Shelf dividers are available in 3", or 6" heights and compatible with most any depth shelf.

Vertical wire are on 1" centers. Chrome plated finish.

Available for all lengths and depths.

3' Wide X 3" High Front Fences $6.00 each
4' Wide X 3" High  Front Fences $6.50 each
3' Wide X 6" High Front Fences $8.00 each
4' Wide X 6" High  Front Fences $8.50 each
12" to 18" Deep X 3" High Dividers $3.50 each
$20" to 24" Deep 3" High Dividers $3.85 each
12" to 18" Deep X 6" High Dividers $5.00 each
$20" to 24" Deep 6" High Dividers $5.50 each


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