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Wire Wine Rack

Holds 80 Plus Wine Bottles

Wire Wine Rack

  The Wire Wine Rack is capable of holding several varieties of wine bottles. The two top slanted stationary shelves facilitate the consumers ability to see the labels of the wine bottles that may be stacked in the wire bins below.  The display requires minimal space and offers an organized display of fine beverages.   The display also includes 1 1/4 metal tag mold.  The wire bins that are below the top two shelves are 4" X 4" OC and can hold up to 80 bottles.  The top shelf measures 40 1/8" X 10 9/16" deep.  The bottom wire shelf measures 40 1/8" X 149/16" deep.

Wire Wine Display Rack Specifications:  48" High X 40 1/8th" Wide X 10 Deep


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Wire Wine Rack